The 7 Cardinal Rules: How to host a fabulous work Christmas party!

Updated: Nov 15, 2018

1. Get in the spirit!

No it doesn't mean everyone has to wear santa hats.. but a theme or decor can go a long way! Themes are very in vogue for office christmas parties and popular ones include Jungle, Great Gatsby, James Bond and Madhatter Tea Party. A corporate christmas party is a great time for employees to let their hair down (to an appropriate degree of course;) so don’t cramp their style by making it a tedious event - Get in the spirit and have some fun!

2. Praise speeches

Whether it be a sales conference, end of year trophy or recognition of staff members based on company values, speeches and rewards at an end of year party are very fitting and a nice touch. If handing out individual rewards, make sure to also address all employees collectively on their great efforts throughout the year that was.

3. Have a santa

And we’re back to the Santa hats! We'd recommend the Santa being the HR director or CFO :) Having a high profile employee dress up as Santa is fun, makes them very approachable and is a great talking point.

4. Food and beverage

Depending on your venue you’ll have a vast array of options here but there is one thing you must remember: If you are providing alcohol to staff, make sure there is ample food. Particularly if you are hosting a cocktail event, which is a fantastic option for larger companies as it allows people to network and mingle - so long as the amount of food available is in proportion to the long island ice teas on tab :)

5. Entertainment

Let the dancing begin!! Booking a christmas party band like Ruby Keys Band for your event means you’ll have fantastic energy and entertainment throughout your evening, and an enjoyable night for all to remember! To make your annual christmas party the ‘event of the year’, amp it up with some live music entertainment. It’s a good idea to book your christmas party band 6 months in advance as this is a very popular time of year and it’s also best to check that the band has it’s own public liability insurance. If your event is themed, let the band know so they can dress up for your event and style.

6. Travel options

Encourage car pooling with designated drivers and reward your designated drivers with a special mocktail! Even if you are having your party close to public transport, it’s a good idea to have cab vouchers on hand for any staff member who mightn’t have another safe option to travel home.

7. If in doubt, speak to HR

At a work christmas party, the company is responsible for the safety of the staff. If you are in charge of planning your event, run HR through your plans in advance just in case they need to dot an ‘i’ or cross a ’t’ you may have missed. Safety first people :)

And now all there’s left to do is put down the long island ice tea and hit the dance floor!

Ruby Keys Band :)
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